On Friday, a federal appeals court rejected its own earlier ruling allowing the New York attorney general to block pro-life protesters from trying to prevent women from getting abortions at a clinic in the borough of Queens. 

The three-judge panel of the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan sided with pro-life activists after the state tried to stop them from protesting outside the Choices Women’s Medical Center abortion clinic in the borough of Jamaica in Queens, New York.

As reported by Reuters, in a 2-1 vote, the Court of Appeals restored a 2018 lower court ruling that denied the State of New York from preventing the protests through an injunction.

March 10 was when the same panel of judges voted against the activists’ claim that preventing them from demonstrating violated their First Amendment free speech rights.

New York Attorney General Letitia James praised the ruling at the time, according to the New York Law Journal, and said:

“Every woman has the constitutional right to access an abortion and this order makes clear that everyone must be granted access to these facilities without obstruction and harassment,” James said. “The court has given us another opportunity to make our case and we will not waver in our fight to protect women’s reproductive freedoms.”

The state’s original case against the protesters, filed in 2017 by then-Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, accused them of attempting to ‘harass’ women entering the clinic and ‘threatening to kill’ guards at the abortion medical center, as well as holding signs with images of aborted fetuses, according to Reuters.

However, according to The Blaze, the tactics employed by the pro-life protesters included talking to women seeking abortions, “walking slowly” in front of patients and leaning out of cars to hand out campaign leaflets. 

Even taking into account that in the March ruling, Judge Rosemary Pooler described the behavior of the pro-lifers as “innocuous.” adding there is every reason to believe that the accusations against the pro-life protesters that they were ‘violent’ are unfounded.

Stephen Crampton, a lawyer for the protesters, called Friday’s order “extraordinary” and noted that the appeals court rarely reconsiders its own written decisions.

“We are pleased that our clients’ fundamental First Amendment rights have been restored and look forward to returning to the district court and ending the case once and for all,” Crampton said in a statement.

Pro-life activists seek to save the unborn child’s life when they try to dissuade its mother from killing it. At the same time, they expose the billion-dollar business and political interests of the immoral abortion industry that goes against human nature.

The Biden administration continues to deepen the pro-abortion Democratic policy, overturning orders signed by Trump aimed at protecting the life of the unborn. According to The Western Journal, the administration announced on Friday ending the federal ban on funding research using tissue from aborted children.

It also mentioned that the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) also announced that it would now end a federal ban on funding research that uses tissue from aborted children. (NIH) also announced that it would no longer comply with a Trump administration order banning the use of federal money to purchase human fetal tissue.

Tom McClusky, president of March for Life Action, called the Biden administration’s action “a gross violation of human dignity.”

“The government has no business creating a marketplace for aborted baby body parts,” he said, according to The Post.

Meanwhile, Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. In a press release, Anthony List said the Biden administration’s move was to “pay back their abortion industry allies.”

She added that there would be a political price for these policies. “Pro-abortion Democrats push this deeply unpopular agenda at their own political peril,” she said.

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