A math teacher at a high school in Manhattan, New York, was fired after publishing a blog post criticizing the extreme indoctrination that students suffer just for being white.

Teacher Paul Rossi of Grace Church High School, on April 13, used a blog to express his rejection of what is known as ‘critical race theory’ and recounted in detail the ordeal experienced by students subjected to harmful indoctrination because of their skin color.

“As a teacher, my first obligation is to my students. But right now, my school is asking me to embrace ‘antiracism’ training and pedagogy that I believe is deeply harmful to them and to any person who seeks to nurture the virtues of curiosity, empathy, and understanding,” the teacher said.

Rossi explains that so-called ‘anti-racist’ education teaches children to think about race rather than moral character, dismiss their individual experiences that do not accord with doctrine, and feel guilt and shame for being born white.

“The morally compromised status of ‘oppressor’ is assigned to one group of students based on their immutable characteristics. In the meantime, dependency, resentment, and moral superiority are cultivated in students considered ‘oppressed,’” the teacher explains.

Rossi also says that they require white students in ‘anti-racism’ classes to report how bad they are for being white and that they cannot object to any of the theories of this dogma, nor do they leave them alone if they don’t say anything.

Many of his students came to him to express their frustration with the indoctrination at the school, which according to the DailyMail, is a well-known institution where many celebrities send their children.

The teacher was prompted to raise complaints with the authorities knowing that this could cost him his job and perhaps his career in an educational environment increasingly focused on indoctrinating children rather than teaching.

Paul Rossi fired and the principal humiliated for lying

After the teacher’s blog post apparently transcended, the school principal asked the teacher to teach from home for ‘his safety.’ Despite assurances that he would not be fired in retaliation, the teacher was eventually fired.

“It is clear to me that Paul cannot be effective as a teacher at Grace anymore. I have informed him that he is relieved of his teaching duties, and we’ve asked two support teachers to take over his math classes for the final quarter. He has been asked to not come into the building without prior coordination,” notified the institution’s principal, George Davison.

“We find it regrettable that Paul Rossi chose to air his grievances with the school in the press, especially with an account that contains glaring omissions and inaccuracies,” Davison added.

However, Rossi noted that the principal wanted to use him as a scapegoat and quickly decided to rectify the situation.

In a Fox News report on Tuesday, April 20, the group Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism released a series of audios of phone conversations Rossi had with Principal Davison, where he admits the havoc that ‘anti-racist’ education is wreaking on students.

“So you agree that we’re demonizing kids,” Rossi asks Davison in a phone call from March. “We’re demonizing… kids– we’re demonizing White people for being born,” he responded. “We are using language that makes them feel less than, for nothing that they are personally responsible for,” Davison asserted.

Brave people like Professor Paul Rossi are hard to find, and perhaps the suffering their courage causes them now hurts, but their actions will be remembered among the few heroes who dared to go against the current for the sake of others. 

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