After reducing New York City’s health budget by $106 million in June, cleaning up in several areas, including public trash cans, was reduced by 60 percent. This led to a disgraceful mess and a new health crisis.

New Yorkers are already feeling the effects of the large accumulations of waste and the rapid proliferation of rats and raccoons, which in addition to spreading garbage everywhere could transmit contagious diseases, reported Fox News on Aug. 11.

Adding to the bad smell and general trash is the throwing out of waste protective materials used to prevent contamination with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus. Much of it appears to be just tossed on the streets, worsening the health risks for the city’s inhabitants.

The picture described by New York City Health Department Commissioner Kathryn Garcia is worrying.

“We ended the curbside composting program, we are not running any safe disposal events. We closed our special waste sites and we’re not doing highway sweeping. So much of what the city is experiencing is a real downshift in our resources,” Garcia said according to Fox News.

We closed our special waste sites and we are not doing road sweeps,” Garcia said according to Fox News.

The cut in the city’s budget forced the firing of 411 uniformed chiefs and 88 civilians.

“It’s outrageous. A lot of rats, a lot of mice, cockroaches are coming in. They have to do something about it,” said Hector Vasquez of Harlem, according to CBS New York.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was criticized too.

“THE WORST MAYOR EVER: De Blasio threatens to fire 22,000 city workers if the feds don’t bail out New York City,” said Fox News anchor Sean Hannity on Twitter.

“There is nothing more deceptive than de Blasio who has been telling us for months that everything is fine, and that he is doing a good job … defunding the NYPD, not making use of the hospital facilities built by the COE, and USNS Mercy. Now he is crying for help from the Feds,” said user @BradRMarchand

Internet users also refer to the deteriorated state of the cities after the violent demonstrations following the death of African American George Floyd. Many of those cities are governed by leftist Democrats, including New York’s De Blasio.

“YOU LIVE WHERE??” tweeted @samike88

“You live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Toronto, Chicago. The cities filled with excrement, urine, tents, trash, homeless, plagues, filth and degeneracy. Sanctuary cities no less. He completed his message with “Liberals have zero self-awareness.”

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