Several prominent members of the Democratic Party in New York have been seen at a birthday party violating strict state restrictions established in the wake of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) or COVID-19 outbreak.

According to The New American, the lavish event was reportedly held on Nov. 14 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Carlo Scissura, president and CEO of the New York Building Congress.

A few days ago, Gov. Andrew Coumo (D-N.Y.) issued an order for New Yorkers to limit private meetings to a maximum of 10 people.

On Nov. 11, Cuomo’s office reported, “The limit will be implemented due to the recent prevalence of COVID (CCP Virus) spread resulting from small indoor gatherings.”

Similarly, New York City Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio strongly urged New Yorkers not to have traditional multi-generational Thanksgiving dinners.

De Blasio has decided to place police officers at different access points in the city to “catch and fine” those who try to enter or leave during the Thanksgiving vacations, even though citizens seem more determined not to follow the strict confinement orders.

However, more than 10 people can be seen at the Scissura party, including Brooklyn County Vice President Ingrid Lewis-Martin and former Brooklyn Democratic Party Chairman Frank Seddio. None of those present at the meeting were distant, nor were they wearing mouth guards.

Daily News reported that one of the images showed about two dozen people mingling while near a dining room during the New York Building Congress president’s birthday party.

Scissura told the Daily News that those who attended the party were given mouth guards and had their temperatures taken when they entered the establishment where the meeting took place.

“This is a particularly trying time, and there were shortcomings that I regret. I greatly appreciate the gesture of my friends to throw me a surprise party, but we all must follow strict protocols so we can get past this pandemic,” Scissura said in a statement.

Lewis-Martin said that she was not worried about spreading the virus, saying that she had antibodies since she had previously contracted the disease. She also assured that the guests arrived in shifts and that the photos were taken when the shifts overlapped.

So far, the most notable case among Democrats violating their social distancing restrictions is that of California Governor Gavin Newsom, who in early November ended up getting arrested after attending a friend’s birthday party at a fancy French restaurant.

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