New evidence that keys to the room of absentee ballots in Green Bay were given to a Democrat activist by Green Bay Officials to manipulate the election results in 2020. 

A hearing was held on Wednesday by the Wisconsin House of Representatives to investigate the evidence. 

Records from the Wisconsin Spotlight (WISS) pointed out that the election results in Wisconsin’s five biggest cities were fraudulent and that Democrat activists were involved. The activists were also found to have been supported financially by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 

According to WISS, The Center for Tech and Civic Life, funded by Zuckerberg, gave the city a sum of $1.6 million in grant funding. “Grant mentor” was how the New York Democrat operative Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein was referred to by the Center for Tech and Civic Life. 

A screenshot of the Democrat activist’s profile by AG-American Greatness.

Spitzer-Rubenstein chaired Wisconsin’s leader of the left-wing National Vote at Home Institute and has campaigned with many Democratic Party candidates. His background paved the way for the Democrat mayor’s office to grant him access to the absentee ballots when the election was close.

The WISS documents urged Wisconsin officials to call on Green Bay’s mayor to resign and investigate the city’s conduct concerning the Nov. 3, 2020, presidential election.

The emails reveal that Democrat Mayor of Green Bay, Eric Genrich, and his personnel tried to over-rule Kris Teske, the City Clerk, with the Zuckerberg-funded “grant mentor” to ease out the manipulation process.

The agreement Green Bay and the other members of the “Wisconsin 5” signed “was all about getting the money with conditions, and inviting private corporations [left-wing election groups] to get the election administration they wanted,”  Erick G. Kaardal, Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society, stated during the hearing, Wednesday.  

The report claims that the election system was infiltrated by this group of liberals that form the “Wisconsin 5.”

The Wisconsin 5 earned over $6 million from the Zuckerberg-funded grant mentor to manipulate the ballots across the five cities. 

At the hearing on Wednesday, Erick G. Kaardal, Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society, proposed that the Green Bay agreement which the members of the “Wisconsin 5” signed mentioned money distribution conditions and having private organizations invited into the election handling. In this case, the invitees are left-wing groups.  

According to the papers, Green Bay City Clerk Kris Teske initially opposed Spitzer-Rubenstein’s attempts to fix or “cure” absentee ballots returned to her office but ultimately gave in after a barrage of pressure.

Spitzer-Rubenstein sent an email to Teske on Oct.7 suggesting, “Can we help with curing absentee ballots that are missing a signature or witness signature address?”  

Although clerks are allowed to correct absentee ballot mistakes or omissions, following Wisconsin Elections Commission’s rules, former Democratic Party operatives are not permitted to participate in this process.

Teske dismissed Spitzer-Rubenstein’s offer. 

That led to staffers in the Clerks Office being severely bullied, some to the point of tears while others had to start searching for different jobs. Spitzer-Rubenstein’s group applied enough pressure to force the city’s clerk out of office. The report said she was officially “out of office” at the end of the year. This was when Zuckerberg’s “grant mentor” started to control Green Bay’s election system. 

Two days before the election, Spitzer-Rubenstein wrote an email to Amaad Rivera, a city liaison, asking for details of how to move the ballots between stations, “are the ballots going to be in trays/boxes within the bin? I’m at KI now, trying to figure out whether we’ll need to move the bins throughout the day or if we can just stick them along the wall and use trays or something similar to move the ballots between stations,” according to American Greatness

Using COVID 19 (Chinese Communist Party virus) safety procedures at City Hall, they moved The Central Count to the KI Convention Center at Green Bay’s Hyatt Regency. Here, the staff was ordered not to unlock the Grand Ballroom if Spitzer-Rubenstein was not with security at the time.

Sandy Juno, former Brown County Clerk who resigned in January, said that the deal allowed Spitzer-Rubenstein four of the five keys to the KI Center’s ballrooms just days before the election. Wisconsin Spotlight commented that this was straightforward, giving the N.Y. Democratic Party operative keys to influence the election. 

Wisconsin State Senator Roger Roth (R-Appleton) has been calling for Mayor Genrich to resign. He believes the Wisconsin Spotlight documents exposed the concerted plot by Mayor Genrich and Celestine Jeffreys to infiltrate and manipulate the electoral outcomes in Green Bay.

Gov. Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul also received a letter from Sen. Kathey Bernier (R-Late Hallie), chair of the Senate Committee on Elections, Election Process Reform and Ethics, urging on a full investigation into any possible violations that may occur during the election. Bernier also declared Mayor Genrich unfit for his position and called for his resignation. 

State Senator Eric Wimberger (R-Green Bay) has asked Brown County District Attorney David Lasee to testify whether a kind of pay-for-play system was behind these charges. He noted that the presidential election controlling system should be made trustworthy for every American. Severe abuse of power to manipulate it, such as this case, cannot be allowed to transpire again in the future. 

Juno was shocked still that the keys were not in the hands of a municipal official at the hearing. “It doesn’t smell right” – quote by American Greatness. 






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