One day after the restaurants and bars had to close their doors again to receiving inside diners, the owners, along with dozens of merchants from other affected areas, met in New York’s Times Square to express their discontent with the measure implemented by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The situation of restaurants, eateries, and bars in New York state could not be worse. The owners of restaurants and bars no longer know what to do to complain about the measures imposed by the Democratic governors who are only concerned about the risk of contagion of the CCP Virus, but do not take into account the risks involved in the bankruptcy of companies and that their employees will be out of work, with all the dangers that implies. 

At first, hundreds of people filled Times Square; the demonstrators were completely peaceful despite their terrible situation. Most were with signs in hand, demanding more support from the city and state for the food industry, according to Fox News.

The New York State Latino Restaurant, Bar, and Salon Association (NYSRBSA) organized the crowded demonstration.

The dining sector was one of the activities most punished by the measures imposed related to the prevention of contagion of the CCP Virus in the United States. After several months of being forced to work only with home delivery format, restaurants tried to reform to adapt to a new situation. After several months of the pandemic, on Sept. 30, they were able to open their doors again, but the measure lasted only until Monday, Dec. 14, when they were forced to close their doors again.

The measure was imposed by Cuomo amid threats of a resurgence of the CCP Virus, based on figures declared by the Health Centers (CDC) that has less and less credibility, due to the enormous amount of false positives and known interests of some sectors of society that seem to be promoting business closures and social chaos.

“The indoor dining hall will close in New York City starting Monday. Hospitalizations have not stabilized and with the infection rate increasing and the density of New York City, this means that eating indoors is too high a risk. Take-out, home and outdoor meals will continue,” were Cuomo’s words, which were repeated by the media eager to spread panic in society, in order to legitimize any restrictions by the government.

 Cuomo also warned everyone that they should prepare for a possible “total shutdown,” taking into account the alleged new cases of the virus that could be part of a new outbreak.

Even before the latest restrictions, two-thirds of New York’s restaurant owners already said that they are likely to have to close their doors before the end of the year if they don’t receive a comprehensive aid package to pay off their debts and meet their costs, Fox reported, citing a report from the New York State Restaurant Association.

With New York truly out of control in several ways, as authorities threaten merchants, claiming they will be criminalized if they “illegally” open their businesses, protests by leftist groups like Black Lives Matter and antifa were constant throughout the state throughout the year.

In response, the Democratic mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, announced the least expected: A fierce defunding of the police force $1 billion, almost 20% of the police budget. 

And so New York is becoming a place where working, studying, praying, and spending time with family results in criminal activity, but violent protesters on the streets are applauded, drugs are accepted, and murderers are released. 

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