New Yorkers will have to show their vaccination status before entering indoor establishments for dining, fitness, and entertainment.

Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) confirmed New York City residents will have to be immunized against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, if they want to avoid disappointment.

“It is time for people to see vaccination as necessary to living a good and full and healthy life,” he said during his daily press briefing according to The New York Post. “This is crucial, because we know that this will encourage a lot more vaccination.”

The so-called “Key to NYC Pass” is de Blasio’s response to the Delta strain outbreak across the Empire State.

The key will be launched on August 16 and be fully enforced from Sept. 13. People must present their vaccination status via the Excelsior Pass mobile app or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) vaccination card.

CDC confirmed the latest variant is as contagious as the common chickenpox. This is why the mayor is pushing for every New Yorker to take the jab, and restore some freedoms to those who comply.

“If we are going to stop the Delta variant, the time is now,” he said according to the paper. “This is going to make clear, you want to enjoy everything great in this summer of New York City? Go get vaccinated.”

The Democrat stressed only unvaccinated people will be barred from entering venues.

“It will require vaccination for workers and customers in indoor dining, in indoor fitness facilities, indoor entertainment facilities,” he said. “The only way to patronize these businesses indoors is if you are vaccinated.”

Authorities confirmed the municipal vaccine passport will resemble similar vaccine programs in France and other European countries.

Although city workers can either get vaccinated or receive regular COVID-19 tests, the new program will not tolerate those who opt for a different disease prevention method.

In the past week New York City experienced more than 2,000 new COVID-19 cases each day, according to the Worldometer website. As of July 31, the daily rate of infection jumped to more than 3,100 new patients.

The Delta variant’s rapid spread prompted de Blasio to crack down on conscientious objectors to the vaccine.

“We have got to shake people at this point and say, ‘Come on now,'” he said according to MSNBC. “We tried voluntary, we could not have been more kind and compassionate–free testing, everywhere you turn, incentives, friendly, [and] warm embrace [but] the voluntary phase is over.”

He suggested the only alternative to mandatory immunization is returning to lockdowns but this is not his preferred choice.

“We can keep doing those things,” he said. “I am not saying shut it down, I am saying voluntary alone does not work. It is time for mandates because it is the only way to protect our people.”

BL understands de Blasio does not immediately plan to require the vaccinated to wear face masks. He will employ a strategic mix between policies to overcome the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We thought the right mix was to heavily focus on vaccination, continue to climb the ladder with more and more vaccine requirements in place, and to give a very clear message to all New Yorkers strongly recommending mask usage regardless of vaccination status,” he said according to CNN. “But we thought that was the right balance.”

The city reported 57.3 percent of the population was fully vaccinated on August 2, with 63.3 percent of them having already received at least one dose according to data from the state health department.

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