Black community leaders in New York City are calling on the mayor to have the plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit reinstated in the city.

The call comes amid a major escalation in the number of people killed by gun violence, which resulted in the death of a 1-year-old girl two days ago. 

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said, “I think total elimination is something we need to re-evaluate.” He added, “Right now, the bad guys are saying if you don’t see blue and white you can do whatever you want,” as reported by CBS.

Tony Herbert, another afro American activist from New York, blamed city authorities, “The guns keep going off and now we have a 1-year-old girl and the blood is on the hands of the mayor and the state Legislature,” Herbert said.

Adams, a former city police officer, said the solution is to make police reform. For example, he said that those officers who are trained to break down doors, to go after dangerous criminals, are not prepared to handle situations that require some sensitivity. That’s why he suggested a reform in the assignment of tasks.

Adams said, “To them, everyone is the bad guy.”

Benevolent Police Association President Patrick Lynch spoke to Fox News about the recent police budget cuts and how they are affecting the community.

Lynch charged against de Blasio, “The city has given back the streets … when I say the city, I mean the council, the mayor’s office, and the state Legislature. … They’ve handcuffed the cops and given the streets back to the criminals.”

Lynch, who chairs the largest police union in New York, remarked that a few years ago, the city was in chaos and the police, working together with the communities, took back the streets and gave them to the working people.

“This administration has demonized the police, they have changed the rules making our job impossible, and the criminals have taken advantage of that,” Lynch said.

He continued to express his puzzlement with De Blasio’s decisions to cut the police budget, “They say, ‘We’re going to cut your budget by 1 billion’ because there was a slogan in a sign on a protest and then the mayor says ‘We’re going to do that’ … defund the police.”

The Anti-Crime Unit had some 600 officers whose main task was to get the guns off the streets. 

Crime in New York City is rising every day as criminals know there are fewer police officers now and are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Looking at these statistics and the number of black people killed by the absence of the police, the question that remains is, is this what the protests were about?

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