The truth is finally hitting home for the Democrats. The latest poll from Wisconsin has ruffled a few feathers in the Democrats’ camp. Wisconsin is considered a critical swing state; some say it is arguably the most important 2020 general election state.

The Marquette Law School released a new poll on Nov. 20;  the result was President Trump beat all four of the leading primary contenders—former Vice President Joe Biden; South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg; and Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)

In the poll, Wisconsin voters were asked who they would vote for as of now in the presidential election.

Trump has 3-point leads over former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, a 5-point margin over Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and an 8-point lead over Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Here’s the new Marquette Law Wisconsin poll conducted between Nov. 13 and Nov. 17.

Trump 47%
Biden 44%

Trump 48%
Sanders 45%

Trump 48%
Warren 43%

Trump 47%
Buttigieg 39%

Compared to last month’s poll, the result is significant, considering last month three of the four—the exception being Buttigieg—had small leads over the president. In October, Biden, Sanders, and Warren had a slight edge, and Buttigieg trailed by two percentage points.

Poll results might not be something for the Democrats to go into panic mode about, just as the October result would not have sent Republicans into a frenzy, however considering the impeachment inquiry into the president was in full swing over the past few weeks, the result looks healthy for the president.

An ABC News panel hosted by George Stephanopoulos can see the problems Democrats are facing.

Former Democrat candidate Heidi Heitkamp, reacted to the new poll, telling Stephanopoulos, “I think that Marquette is the real deal, and I think they’d better start paying attention,” and now we are in “impeachment land,” Heitkamp said. “There’s very little discussion about what’s gonna change for people in the real world.”

Heitkamp said, “Impeachment itself is not a discussion about what does this mean for me,” adding, “The problem that they have is that they fail to make it about the people, they keep making it about Donald Trump.”

Poll results didn’t go unnoticed by the president, either. The impeachment inquiry is tipping the scales in favor of President Trump.