A team of researchers led by a University of Minnesota professor has developed a polymer “wafer” that may be put under the tongue to efficiently administer and preserve protein-based vaccines for illnesses.

A six-member research team led by Dr. Chun Wang and a Mayo Clinic professor developed a polymer wafer that can administer and retain vaccines when inserted beneath the tongue.

Dr. Chun Wang discusses two unique vaccination delivery issues.

The first challenge are “needles and syringes.”

“It hurts!” Wang said.

Second, most vaccines must be stored at low temperatures via the “cold chain,” which adds logistical challenges and can sometimes limit the availability of vaccines in rural or less accessible areas of the world.

“We need something practical,” Wang said, “something simple that people can use and be made in large quantities.”

Wang and other researchers created this wafer and demonstrated that it works with HIV proteins in animals in a study published recently in the Journal of Controlled Release.

However, the wafers could be employed to administer Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus (COVID-19) vaccinations in the future, according to the researchers.

If it is utilized to distribute CCP Virus vaccines, analogies between what has been dubbed the “church” of the CCP Virus and the Catholic Church’s sacramental ceremonies will undoubtedly be made.

The “wafer” mimics the host used in a Catholic Mass, and it alludes to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s cautions about CCP Virus adherence as a new religion.

Indeed, Archbishop Vigano had previously branded the CCP Virus measures as part of a “pseudo-health regime” led by those “corrupt in the soul and sold out to Satan” positioned inside and outside the Church.

“They have thundered at us, using arcane words like ‘social distancing’ and ‘gatherings,’ in an endless series of grotesque contradictions, absurd alarms, apocalyptic threats, social precepts and health ceremonies that have replaced religious rites,’” he wrote in a 2020 recap. 

He also compared global compliance with the authoritarian CCP Virus measures to a religious ritual early this year.

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, a Vatican whistleblower and former head of the Vatican bank, backed the archbishop:

“The apparent result seems to be a new form of scientism, reincarnated to solve the CCP Virus problem with vaccines to be accepted fideistically (with blind faith), and perhaps nominating itself as the new moral authority of this age, one that demands an act of faith towards the modern religion, the scientific one.”

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