A newly proposed bill, House Bill 341, would make Bible courses a requirement in public schools in the state of Florida, which is stirring up a strong debate on both sides of the issue, WFLA-TV reported.

If passed, it would give students a chance to learn about the New Testament and the Old Testament in the Bible.

While it wouldn’t force students to take the class, it would require all public schools to offer them in the curricula.

According to the Florida House of Representatives, the bill is: “An act relating to the study of the Bible and religion … requiring each school district to offer specified courses relating to religion, Hebrew Scriptures, and the Bible to certain students as elective courses; requiring such courses be included in the Course Code Directory.”

The bill notes students wouldn’t be required to use a specific translation of the Bible. Another big concern is what version of the Bible would be taught in public schools. 

The bill was first introduced last year by Rep. Kim Daniels (D-Fla.), who is a Christian evangelist, but it didn’t go anywhere.

Florida lawmakers said that they need more time to look into the bill. If passed, it’ll go into effect on July 2020.

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