Fifty-three-year-old comedian and actor Andy Dick was assaulted early Saturday, Aug. 10 and New Orleans police are investigating.

Dick had performed at the One Eyed Jack’s on Friday night before a man in dark clothes approached and punched him outside the bar, which was recorded on the surveillance video.

The comedian was propelled into the side of the building before crumpling to the sidewalk. He was taken to a local hospital after authorities received a call around 2:20 a.m., Lt. Jonathan Fourcade, a spokesman for the city’s emergency medical services, told NBC affiliate WDSU.

In a phone interview with, Dick said that he was “knocked out 100 percent for 15 minutes.” He also said he was placed in the intensive care unit at the hospital and observed for a “possible brain bleed.”

Due to the low quality of the surveillance video, it was unclear whether Dick was hit, but it appears he may have his back to the attacker.

However, on Tuesday, New Orleans police said they identified Dick as the victim and were investigating. The department said it waits to speak with Dick and “will do so when he decides to make himself available to detectives.”

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