Gunfire sparked at a house party Saturday night, May 22, in New Jersey leaving 2 people dead and 12 others wounded.

Shots were fired at a party attended by circa 100 to 200 people at a house in Bridgeton, in the Fairfield Township district, about 50 miles west of Atlantic City, according to New Jersey State Police.

A 30-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman, whose names have not been released, were both killed.

Police have been blocking off the surrounding area as they are investigating the scene late Sunday morning, May 23. No arrest has been made.

The yard was strewn with debris, including overturned canopies and tables on May 23, 2021. (6abc Philadelphia/Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube )

One of the 12 wounded people is in critical condition. According to investigators, all of the victims were adults. Six people were taken to Cooper University Hospital in Camden and two of them have been released, CNN reported.

A community member told NJ Advance Media that the event was a 90s-themed birthday party for people of all ages. Around 11:45 p.m Saturday, May 22, a nearby neighbor, James Johnson, whose home is separated from the shooting scene by trees, heard about 15 gunshots.

“I looked outside my window—I seen people scattering behind my yard. People running, driving through my yard, ringing my doorbell, screaming for help,” he said. They told him there was a shooting behind his house.

“They still had alcohol in their hand, they were screaming, they were just so distraught,” Johnson described the scene.

He said “it was chaos” as he saw people “running, screaming”, “speeding down the roads.” John Fuqua, whose nephew’s friend was among those who were shot, said, “He was running for his life. He got on the ground, he had to crawl.”

“It wasn’t a shooting gallery, it wasn’t a hunting expedition, it was a party, and a few bad apples chose to turn it into something else,” he added. One of the victims’ uncles, who was “heartbroken,” told ABC that his niece was a “good girl.” Her condition remained unknown.

Governor Phil Murphy released a statement on Sunday, expressing his condolences to the victims’ families and condemning the carnage.

“Let there be no mistake: This despicable and cowardly act of gun violence only steels our commitment to ensuring New Jersey leads the nation in passing and enforcing strong and commonsense gun safety laws,” he wrote on Twitter.

He is pleading for those with the knowledge to come forward so that the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

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