A recent Harvard-Harris poll conducted in February found that 71% of Americans consider the far-left antifa group to be a domestic terrorist group.

The poll, conducted among a representative group of 1,778 people between Feb. 23 and Feb. 25, yielded several interesting results, including the fact that antifa, which during 2020 staged riots across the country almost daily, is considered by the vast majority of Americans as a group that threatens the security of the United States.

The survey also asked other questions such as what is considered more worrisome, the violence in U.S. cities over the summer, or the riots on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6? More than 55% responded for the first option, about violence in cities.

The survey went on to ask, “Do you think politicians are using the January 6 events at the U.S. Capitol to suppress legitimate political movements, or do you think there is no such suppression of legitimate movements? In this case, 62% said yes, and only 36% said no.

The Trump administration engaged in a real fight against antifa. While the media and Democratic politicians defended the group’s reprehensible violent acts throughout the past year, President Trump spared no criticism. Whenever he had the opportunity to remind people that antifa is a danger to American security, he did so.

President Biden went so far as to assure Americans that antifa is just an idea, insinuating that it does not exist as an organized group with specific objectives, as has been proven.

The former director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, spoke out against antifa, warning the general public about how dangerous it is and its role in extremely violent events in the United States.

Wray spoke before the House Homeland Security Committee in September 2020. He reconfirmed that antifa is an extremely dangerous ideology that fuels riots across the country because of its extremist and violent nature. He also reported that FBI agents conducted in-depth investigations on the movement and specific individuals listed as affiliates. 

The poll also showed a significant backlash against Biden’s string of progressive policies in his first days.

When respondents were asked about their views on whether illegal aliens entering through the southern border should be returned to their countries or remain in the United States, as Biden is allowing, 67% said they should be returned to Mexico, and only 33% said they should be released into the United States with a court date. 

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