The Trump campaign’s legal team filed a second lawsuit in Nevada, with the focus on the thousands of “double votes” and also the attorney’s evidence of deceased people casting ballots.

The Supreme Court and Gov. Sisola certified the Nevada vote on Nov. 24, awarding the six Electoral College votes to Joe Biden. The president is behind Biden in Nevada by 33,596 votes.

Attorney for the Trump campaign Jesse Binnall informed Judge James Russell that there were 1,505 votes in Nevada that were accepted from a dead voter, reported 8 News Now.

Added to that, 42,284 voters are alleged to have voted twice, around 20,000 voters cast their ballot without having a Nevada mailing address, and 2,468 voters had changed addresses to a different state.
The Trump legal team zoned in on the Nevada election law, that permits mail-in ballots to be mailed to every individual, regardless of whether they requested a ballot. This was something several states carried out due to the CCP Virus.

On Thursday, Dec. 4, prior to the hearing, the Nevada GOP showed the evidence they had on a Twitter post, of 20 binders they claimed contained the proof of voter fraud. “We have testimony from multiple witnesses reporting that the USB drives used in the election would show that vote tallies changed overnight,” the group wrote on Twitter. “That means in the dead of night, votes would appear or disappear on these voting machines during early voting and Election Day.”

Binnall alleged that Clark County had a lack of security and voting machines weren’t properly supervised. “In the dead of night, votes appeared and votes reappeared without explanation, and there is no good explanation,” she said, reported Fox News.

The judge stated that he couldn’t see how this information could change the election results, as there was no way to tell just who voted for who.

“Given the nature of the court to this decision, the court would like to review the evidence provided in light of the arguments made,” he said on Thursday. “I mean, both of you have alluded to certain evidence in the record, which I would like to verify.”

“In a court of law it’s evidence that counts, not tweets or social media bluster, not hearsay or speculation, it’s evidence and that’s what’s missing in the record before the court,” attorney Kevin Hamilton, representing the Democrats, said.

“This election was unfortunately stolen,” Binnall said, reported 8 News Now. “We cannot turn a blind eye with evidence like this. We cannot allow an election to be stolen.”

Judge Russell plans to review all the information presented and hopes to give a ruling by Friday.

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