John Davidson, a journalist with The Federalist, reported a fraudulent scheme in which a group of Democratic activists offered gifts, raffles, and other incentives to Native Americans in exchange for their votes.

Under federal election law, it is illegal to offer or accept anything in exchange for a vote, and the penalties range from a $10,000 fine to two years in prison.

However, the Nevada Native Vote Project, a nonprofit organization, conducted an extensive campaign to encourage Native Americans to vote in exchange for gifts, shopping cards, raffles and left everything documented on their Facebook page.

Native Americans registered to vote in Nevada are 60,000 people and represent 3 percent of the total population. This figure represents twice the margin that Biden won by in this state.

Davidson discovered that the Native Vote Project group receives funding from the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), which in turn receives funding from the federal government, including the Department of the Interior, the Department of Agriculture, the Small Business Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency, among others. In 2018, these federal agencies provided a total of more than $3 million to NCAI, according to the group’s disclosures.

The journalist’s investigation also revealed the Native Vote Project’s relationship with the Democrats. Through an intermediary organization called Four Directions, Native Vote received funds through ActBlue in 2020, a Democratic super PAC known to have handled crowdfunding for the Marxist group Black Lives Matters and other Democratic initiatives.

According to the Native Vote Project’s records, these initiatives have been carried out in the Native communities of South Dakota, Arizona, Wisconsin, Washington, Michigan, Idaho, Minnesota, and Texas.

The scope of this fraudulent scheme of material incentives in exchange for the vote could be much greater than was revealed by The Federalist.

Davidson wrote: “All of this coordinated illegal activity, clearly designed to churn out votes for Biden and Democrats in tribal areas all across the country, is completely out in the open. You don’t need special access or some secret source to find out about it. You just have to be curious, look around, and report it.”

This Wednesday, Nov. 18, Trump’s legal team filed a lawsuit to challenge the election results in the state of Nevada, mainly arguing that together about 20,000 voters register homes in other states. Davidson’s report should be added to Trump’s initial lawsuit.

In the screenshots below, we have compiled some of the most representative images that say more than a thousand words:

The group congratulates ‘President-Elect’ Biden (screenshot from Nevada Native Vote Project’s Facebook page)
Paiute Lake Pyramid Tribal Community Raffle Winners (screenshot from the Nevada Native Vote Project Facebook page)
Natives are Democrats: Natives live here points the image in blue (Democratic) areas of the United States (screenshot from Nevada Native Vote Project’s Facebook page)
A vote in exchange for a $50 Visa gift card for purchases (screenshot from Nevada Native Vote Project’s Facebook page)
A vote in exchange for a $50 Visa gift card for purchases (screenshot from Nevada Native Vote Project’s Facebook page)
A vote in exchange for a $25 Visa gift card for purchases (screenshot from Nevada Native Vote Project’s Facebook page)
Nevada Native Vote Project spokesperson Sam with a Biden-Harris mask and a Democratic campaign bus behind (screenshot from Nevada Native Vote Project’s Facebook page)

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