Police in Detroit, Michigan, continue to investigate after a 9-year-old Latina was killed walking in an alley behind her house on Monday afternoon, Aug. 19, by three pit bulls, WXYZ reported.

The dogs that attacked the girl are now in the possession of Detroit Animal Care and Control. The girl’s family is in mourning.

“I came out of the house and you could hear the screaming, people screaming ‘Oh my God, oh my God,'” Deborah Golden, who tried to help the girl, said, it was the worst scene she’s ever seen.

“She had bite marks in areas of her body,” Golden added. “It wasn’t good.”

It happened in southwest Detroit, Michigan, on Monday afternoon. The little girl was in the 6000 block of Central right behind her house—when police said three pit bulls got out of their yard and attacked her.

One man who saw the attack quickly came to the young girl’s aid, trying to free her from the dog’s mouth.

“I went outside and saw three dogs nearly attacking a little girl. I grabbed a brick, threw it at them, they all ran out, I don’t know where they all went. So I stayed with the girl to makes sure she was okay and yelled out for help,” Edward Cruz said.

Golden helped the girl’s father and brother perform CPR. Paramedics rushed the little girl to Detroit Children’s Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

“You’re talking about a 9-year-old girl who was just out there playing and now she’s not here,” Capt. Russell Solano, Detroit Police Department, said.

Police said one of the dogs was shot after the attack. It took Animal Care and Control a few hours to find the two remaining dogs—but all three are now accounted for.

“I did not realize that they would be doing this,” Cruz said. “They’re not vicious dogs, they’re really nice dogs, they’re gentle, I don’t know what came over them.”

“This is an ongoing problem with dogs in the neighborhood,” Golden said. “There is two dogs that were always roaming loose on Kirkwood here, and one of them attacked me, and a number of other people.”

The owner was taken into custody and is expected to face charges.

The family created this GoFundMe page seeking support for funeral costs.

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