A Nebraska high school student, Julia Yllescas, paid tribute to her late soldier father by posing for photos with him. But they aren’t typical senior pictures, KOLN-TV reported.

Aurora High School senior in Nebraska had senior photos taken on Saturday, Aug. 17, to honor her father in the most touching way.

While on a tour of Afghanistan in 2008, U.S. Army Capt. Robert Yllescas stepped on an IED. He was severely injured and died one month later at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, according to KOLN-TV.

Julia asked photographer and family friend Susanne Beckmann, of Snapshots by Suz, to incorporate Capt. Yllescas into the photos taken to commemorate her senior year at high school.

Beckmann faded Captain Yllescas out of the photos slightly to give them impression of him being an angel.

“Why it has hit my heart so hard is that I almost felt when I saw those pictures that he truly was there,” Julia was delighted with the snaps.

“And to have a piece of him with me throughout my senior year. Because sometimes it feels like where are you, why did you have to go,” she added.

Beckmann, an active-duty military wife, said that she was honored to take the photos.

“I was teary-eyed when I was editing them, all I could think in my head is I don’t ever want to have to do this for my own kids,” Susanne Beckmann said. “In the end, it just came out really special. It was a lot of emotions for me.”

Yllescas told KOLN-TV that she couldn’t be more thankful for the pictures that she will carry with her forever.

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