Nearly half a million users are giving Netflix a thumbs down in the United States and Canada, dropping their subscriptions, disenchanted with the platform over its increasing “woke” content and left-wing politics, including new programming funded by the Obamas, according to Breitbart. 

The exodus of subscribers was more pronounced in the second quarter and also reflects the public’s growing disenchantment with streaming services because of rising prices.

The number of subscriptions is, for Wall Street, the key indicator of Netflix’s financial status. It gives an idea of how it projects into the future, so it represents a vital factor for its operations.

The streaming provider said it lost 430,000 subscribers nationally, claiming it is the first time in two years that it had lost a large number of subscribers in a short period, since the second quarter of 2019, when it lost 100,000 in one quarter.

The company has increasingly left-leaning content, and its executives have unashamedly adopted partisan public positions. 

A case in point is the support that Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder, chairman, and co-CEO, gave to Democrat Gavin Newsom, donating $3 million to help him counter the impeachment campaign against him. Or the support he openly gave, along with the co-CEO Ted Sarandos, to Joe Biden’s candidacy.

But more facts show Netflix’s ideological leanings up close and how much influence Democrats have over the entertainment giant. 

In May 2018, Netflix announced the signing of a multi-million dollar deal with former President Obama and his wife for several years to produce films and series for the company.

The deal included scripted and unscripted programs, and at the time, Barack Obama said in a statement that he wanted to use the opportunity to “train the next generation.” Meanwhile, his wife said: “Netflix’s unparalleled service is a natural fit for the kinds of stories we want to share, and we look forward to starting this exciting new partnership.”

The Obamas recently released “We the People,” a ten-part animated series featuring scenes of young leftists protesting in the streets. And in early 2021, they announced that they would turn the migration and refugee novel Exit West into a film as part of the global deal signed with Netflix. 

Another of the themes promoted by Netflix that have generated rejection among users are films with pornographic and paedophilic content, such as the controversial “Cuties”, which despite the fact that many users repudiated it and signed up for its cancellation, the company released it. 

A recent poll reported by Breitbart showed that nearly a third (32%) of respondents plan to cancel the streaming services they are currently using once the US fully reopens after the CCP Virus shutdowns. Among those looking to cancel their streaming services, 46% said they will cancel Netflix. 

The report further added that one in three Americans admitted to watching streaming service trends from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, not because the content was good, but because there was nothing else to do.

This year, the streaming service applied its latest round of price hikes to US consumers. This, coupled with disenchantment with ideologised content, seems to be causing the public to re-evaluate their relationship with Netflix after the closures.

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