With only five days left before the election, nearly 5 million ballots have not yet been returned to the elections office for counting in the key states that usually decide the elections, Fox News reported.

In Florida, an estimated 1.9 million ballots are missing, while in Nevada, the figure is 962,000 ballots, 850,000 ballots for the state of Michigan, and 1 million ballots in Pennsylvania.

An absentee mail-in ballot is sent to a voter upon request of the elections office, then the voter fills it out and returns it to the post office for final delivery and counting.

Some states, such as California, support universal mail-in ballots and sent them to all residents. A position that attracted criticism from the president and Republicans in general due to out-of-date voter rolls and the possibility that anyone could receive the ballots. In some states, Democratic leaders said they would count votes where signatures do not match, leaving open the potential for easy voter fraud.

The Democrats pushed mail-in ballots with mainstream media’s help under the premise of avoiding risks of contagion from the CCP Virus.

According to data collected by The Associated Press, some 35 million mail-in ballots have been received so far. Adding to that figure are the people who cast an early vote in person. At least 71.5 million ballots of those have been received out of a total of approximately 240 million voters.

But prospects are not encouraging. In many of these critical states, the mail service failed to deliver even 70 percent of the ballots during October. The best percentage reported for first-class mail was 85.5 percent.

The problem is severe. Most states have an Election Day deadline for ballots to be received and counted. Votes arriving later will not be counted. Some states, such as Nevada, have until Nov. 10, meaning the election results may take up to a week to realize an outcome.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson warned it was too late to try to return a ballot in the mail. She urged voters to use an official dropbox or return their ballot in person at their local election office.

“We are too close to Election Day, and the right to vote is too important to rely on the Postal Service to deliver absentee ballots on time,” she said.

Those who didn’t get their ballots in the mail promised to go vote in person if necessary. Long lines of early voters have been seen in some states.

The upcoming election, whether from a Democratic or Republican perspective, is fraught with historical significance.
The Democratic Party’s proposals threaten to end the American way of life.

Among the most notable are:

  • Eliminating the oil industry
  • Opening borders
  • Giving jobs back to China
  • Raising taxes
  • Delivering free public health care for all

And while governments worldwide are turning increasingly to the left, President Trump offers to continue the American dream: a government focused on personal freedoms, on faith, on tradition, law and order, and to end the globalism that has already destroyed the identity of so many countries.

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