According to a report by The Federalist, NBC fake news network broadcast a program trying to deceive Americans and the world that it is now safer to live in Wuhan, the epicenter of the CCP virus, than in the United States and glorifies the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) false response to the epidemic.

Once again, this “mainstream media” known for using rather communist tactics to attack other media that are their competition and that do better, aired a program praising the CCP for its supposed “response” to contain the CCP Virus and used every opportunity to criticize President Trump for his.

Tristan Justice describes: “The piece that reads as explicit Chinese propaganda begins by featuring the fears of a Louisiana native living in Wuhan, the city of the first outbreak that gave the Wuhan virus its name, who told NBC’s two overseas-based reporters that living in the United States appears to be more terrifying than living in the dystopian-like Hubei province. Wuhan, said Benjamin Wilson, is “one of the safest places in the world.”

The article describes the alleged measures taken by the CCP to contain the virus, such as mobilizing a few thousand doctors, etc., and dismisses those taken by President Trump because it says that despite all that Trump did, “America remains out front with both the highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths on the planet,” which of course is false.

According to, the United States is listed number 11 on death per capita. It is also the country that carried out the highest number of tests on its citizens, thus giving a greater number of confirmed infected people compared to all other countries in the world.

While Beijing only reported just under 5,000 deaths since the virus broke out in Wuhan, the Chinese Communist Party’s credibility is a sham.

Fox News’ Barnini Chakraborty said: “As the death toll grows in other parts of the world from coronavirus, China’s insistence on an implausible body count—despite reporting a bump in cases of infection on Monday—is not only being ridiculed but is chipping away at what little credibility the country has left.”

The NBC program also appeals to people’s feelings: It insists that it is racist to call the CCP Virus “Wuhan virus” or “Chinese virus,” even though every time an epidemic has emerged, it has always been called by the name of its origin.

TheBL designates the virus not with the name of the place of origin, China, but with the regime that manipulates, oppresses, and controls China, the CCP.

This is not the first time that NBC has used dirty tactics to defame a target without foundation and without presenting facts or directly trying to mislead its audience.

In June 2019, the fake news network published some articles to defame Epoch Times, a conservative newspaper that has gained wide popularity among Americans in recent years.

Capital Research Center conducted an excellent “fact-check” on the NBC articles defaming the Epoch Times.

Most seriously, to stain its reputation, NBC linked the newspaper to the Falun Dafa spiritual group, trying to demonize it but overlooking that its practitioners are killed for their faith in China by the communist regime.

Falun Dafa is a spiritual discipline of the Buddha School, and the newspaper’s founders, Chinese who escaped from China because of the regime’s spiritual persecution, are Falun Dafa practitioners. Far from being as described by NBC, the practice is free of charge and has no tangible organization or rituals. All books are freely available on its website.

The question that remains to be answered is how many people can still be misled by the “mainstream media” today? Hopefully, the answer is “very few.”

NBC has abandoned all professionalism and truth-seeking standards to publish propaganda for those regimes that certainly pay them to do so.