Jonathan Isaac questioned why CNN chose to “lie” about podcast host Joe Rogan taking ivermectin, if they only care about the “public health.”

The Orlando Magic forward blasted the broadcaster for what he called a “blatant miscarriage of information” surrounding COVID-19 treatment.

“If this thing is just about protecting people and protecting the public health, why does CNN have to lie about Joe Rogan taking ‘horse dewormer,’ or why does the Rolling Stone have to willfully misrepresent my position on the vaccine or COVID?” he said according to Fox News. “Why do these things have to happen if it is just about protecting people?”

The misinformation came despite Ivermectin winning a Nobel Peace Prize for human use, and Isaac’s own speedy COVID recovery from taking the drug.

“When you have take into account the nature of COVID and the nature of the vaccine that does not stop infection or transmission, the nature of natural immunity that has not been talked about and then obviously the polarization by the media that has created such distrust,” he said according to the broadcaster.

The basketballer stressed he has no qualms with anyone who voluntarily decides to be immunized.

“It is not that people should not get the vaccine, that is not the argument,” he said. “It is that for me there are no scientific, legal or … moral grounds for the vaccine mandate.”

Rogan recently grilled CNN medical expert Sanjay Gupta for accusing the podcaster of using “horse dewormer” to treat COVID-19. Gupta conceded CNN should have never called Ivermectin a “horse dewormer.”

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