Presumptive Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has watched his formidable lead over President Trump erode in the past two months, according to a new CNN poll, conducted Aug. 12-15.

Biden’s lead has narrowed to just four points more than the president, which represents a double-digit swing toward the president, according to the latest National poll from CNN, compared to its last one in June. Then, Biden was ahead by 14 points. Now he leads 50 percent to Trump’s 46 percent.

The new poll indicates that the lead is even less across the 15 battleground states that will determine which candidate wins the electoral college, with Biden just ahead by 1 percent, heading into the conventions, as reported by Brietbart. Those 15 states are—Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

In an article explaining the significant movement in Trump’s direction against Biden, CNN’s Polling Director Jennifer Agiesta wrote an explanation of the shift in the polls, where President Trump has improved in the demographics he had dropped support in before.

“The movement in the poll among voters nationwide since June is concentrated among men (they split about evenly in June, but now 56% back Trump, 40% Biden), those between the ages of 35 and 64 (they tilt toward Trump now, but were Biden-leaning in June) and independents (in June, Biden held a 52% to 41% lead, but now it’s a near-even 46% Biden to 45% Trump divide),” Agiesta wrote. “Trump has also solidified his partisans since June. While 8% of Republicans or Republican-leaning independents in June said they would back Biden, that figure now stands at just 4%. And the President has boosted his backing among conservatives from 76% to 85%.”

Biden has waged most of his campaign from the basement of his Wilmington home, whereas in stark contrast, the president has been busy traveling across states, meeting with people, and getting the economy up and running after the fall it took due to the CCP Virus pandemic.

“We had to turn off the economy,” the president informed reporters at the White House press conference on Wednesday, Aug. 12. The rebound in the U.S. stock market indicates a V-shaped recovery, growing by almost 50 percent since March this year, representing some $9 trillion.

“The stock market rebound signals a v-shape recovery,” President Trump said, asserting that the U.S. stock market rebound was “stronger” than that of “competitors anywhere in the world. “Now we are turning it back on, and that’s going to be very strong,” he said.