Nancy Pelosi expressed her perspective on pro-life proponents who believe human life began at conception in a speech at Planned Parenthood seven years ago, “When you see how closed their minds are or oblivious or whatever it is—dumb—then you know what the fight is about,”

According to Politico, Nancy Pelosi was honored with the Margaret Sanger Award in 2014 for her role in promoting abortion choice at Planned Parenthood’s annual gala. Pelosi blasted abortion opponents in her acceptance speech, especially the “personhood” bills that some are promoting, and reiterated that the battle for reproductive freedom would continue regardless of whether the Supreme Court agrees.

“Whatever happens with the court … we must remember these battles will not be the end of the fight,” Pelosi insisted.

Since 1966, the Margaret Sanger Award has been given each year by the abortion behemoth Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Individuals receive it in recognition of their role in supporting abortion. Leftist politicians look to Planned Parenthood and its executives for recognition and support. They are the ones who issue the public statements and set the agenda.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attitude towards pro-life advocates has been rough throughout the years. 

In a Jan. 18 podcast with former senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Pelosi said that pro-life voters’ support for former President Donald Trump is a topic that “gives me great grief as a Catholic.” She believed they voted for him because he does not believe in abortion rights. 

Despite her Catholic religion, Pelosi has long advocated abortion. She said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” in 2008 that when it comes to identifying when life starts, church doctors haven’t been able to justify their definition. Pelosi firmly stated that her Catholic religion shouldn’t have any bearing on a woman’s right to choose.

The Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, responded to the House Speaker’s statements saying that “Christians have always understood that the commandment, ‘Thou shall not kill,’ applies to all life, including life in the womb.’”

Science has recognized for a long time that human life starts at conception. Human fertilization usually begins with the fusion of a female egg and sperm. Studies also typically indicate that prenatal growth starts with the formation of a zygote cell or fertilized egg. 


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