A U.S. mothers’ organization fighting against facemask mandates in schools has been calling since last month for all parents in the country to join in a “National Strike.” They also warned that they are not willing to share parenting with the government.

Kimberly Fletcher, the founder of Moms for America, through a press release on Thursday, Sept. 9, called on parents to strike in protest of mandates for facemasks in public schools and other state impositions, according to a report by Breitbart.

“The only recourse left is for parents to strike!” said Fletcher, claiming that the organization has the support of mothers across the country who “are frustrated and angry with continued public school facemask mandates and encroachments on our freedoms.

“We will no longer be ignored. We have little or no legal recourse when the courts do not uphold the Constitution. We have political recourse, but that is months away and we need to act now,” the organization’s founder continued.

Fletcher also said that parents’ trust in the schools when they decided to leave their children with them had been broken, so until that trust is restored, they will keep their children at home. 

“We are fed up with forced mandates, knee-jerk reactions and government overreach in decision making and the welfare of our children. We will not co-participate with the government. We will not co-participate with the government. We will exercise our fundamental, constitutionally protected rights to teach, care for and protect the health and safety of our children. We have witnessed the harm to our children at the hands of the government and we will not tolerate it anymore,” she said. 

The harsh restrictions and mandates enforced by the states due to the CCP virus (COVID) have created gaps between those who abide by government orders to the letter and those who distrust and question them, demanding that individual freedoms be respected. 

This dual situation in society has even generated a lack of clarity in some people, showing extreme behavior to ‘enforce the rules.’

A case that became known this week occurred in a school in Las Vegas, reflects the above, and raises alarms in reference to facts that, as stated by “Moms for America”, can endanger the welfare and health of children.

According to Life Site, a teacher at Reedom Elementary School in Mountain’s Edge is under investigation after a mother reported her for taping masks to children’s faces as punishment for forgetting to put them on.  

The mother said her son had forgotten to pull up his mask after taking a sip of water. She further recounted that the teacher did not tell him to put it back on, but instead put him in front of the classroom and taped the mask to the top of his face, making a fool of him. 

“I don’t think this woman has any business teaching children,” the complaining mother stated with indignation.

On the page of the “Moms for America” organization, which has about 500,000 adherents from all 50 states, it is stated: 

“Like never before in history, parents are sparring with teachers’ unions and government mandates that aim to interfere with a parents’ right to make decisions regarding the education, health and general upbringing of their children.”

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