The Washington D. C. School District (DCPS) is investigating a mother’s complaint about the emotional trauma of her nine-year-old son. He was forced to act out the horrific scenes of the Jewish Holocaust promoted by German dictator Adolf Hitler during World War II.

The mother, who prefers anonymity to protect her son, said, “My husband picked up our child after school and there was a lot of sobbing and crying and distress,” according to Fox5 Dec. 19.

She further expressed the elementary school student’s emotional struggle after pretending to drown and die in a gas chamber while watching other children pretend to dig their own graves.

After sharing her little boy’s anguish with other parents, this mother discovered that her problem was not unique: “They are traumatized. One parent said that their child was worried the teacher in question was hiding at their house.”

Apparently, the impact of the stagings was of such magnitude that: “Children are having nightmares and generally having a very hard time,” the mother said. 

For his part, Watkins Elementary School principal MScott Berkowitz recounted in a letter that the children were asked to act out “digging ditches to serve as mass graves, and simulated shootings.”  

He added: “It was also alleged that the staff member leading the lesson also made anti-Semitic statements.”

Journalist Lindsay Watts shared an excerpt of the whistleblower mother’s account in one of her tweets.

The scandal originated from the librarian, who told the children not to tell what happened, but they could not keep quiet and told the classroom director, who consoled them and reported the incident to her superiors. 

On the other hand, the librarian was suspended from her duties pending an investigation. 

It is said that when the children asked her why the Germans acted in such a barbaric manner, she replied that it was because they were very angry “because the Jews ruined Christmas.”

In this context, DCPS stated, “Students should never be tasked with acting out any atrocity, especially genocide and war,” and after arguing that this was not a lesson approved by the institution, offered apologies to the students and parents. 

Based on the librarian’s alleged response, a possible anti-Semitic message may have been made. This type of message is usually characteristic of leftist militants, against whom the renowned American Christian and conservative actor, Jon Voight, spoke out in one of his tweets.

“I’m sick and tired of you followers—you liberal non-thinkers—who only follow and bash and don’t see what the truths are,” he wrote, adding, “How do I approach this matter? How can we see the truth? What’s wrong with everyone? Can’t you see this horror, the horror, attacking Jews?”

He also expressed, “The Jews have been attacked for centuries, Hitler took down millions of innocent Jews and babies and put them in gas chambers. What is wrong with you all? How dare you attack the righteous souls of God’s highest truths, in our own streets of Beverly Hills.”

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