A Missouri mother of six has been feeding hungry children in her neighborhood for five years.

Champale Anderson, who is a health care provider, told KTVI she has an open-door policy on school days.

Children can knock on her door before and after school and she will hand them a snack for breakfast and lunch.

“I noticed the kids they are always hungry,” Anderson told the TV station. “They get off the bus and they take off running and they never know what I will have in the bag. I switch up and have special treats for my special babies.”

The bags are filled with goodies that many children love to enjoy. Some of the items include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, snacks, vegetables, juice, cookies and a few surprises helping many children in need.

“It makes me proud. My goal is to go to different neighborhoods and give out bags,” Anderson said, according to the TV station.

Anderson also has a GoFundMe page for anyone who’s interested in helping her cause.

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