Arizona authorities said woman was arrested last week on suspicion of child abuse and child endangerment after she allegedly left her baby in locked car with temperatures that day reaching 114 degrees.

On Friday, July 12, Glendale police officers responded to a call of a child left inside a vehicle parked in a supermarket parking lot, according to FOX10.

Reports indicate that when they discovered the child, the engine was turned off and the windows were up. Shortly after arriving, officers reportedly smashed through a front window to retrieve the child and emergency staff on the scene said the child had no obvious injuries.

After an announcement inside the store called for the car’s owner, responding officers interviewed Jessica Umtuch, 27. She reportedly told them that she had made a last-minute decision to bring the child to the store with her.

She claimed to have “forgotten the child in the car due to the child quietly sleeping,” police reported.

Reportedly telling officers that her “mind was in a different place” due in part to an ongoing spat with her boyfriend and she only realized the mistake when supermarket employees got her attention.

As it was, police said, based on surveillance footage, she left her child in the car for about 16 minutes, but would have been shopping inside the store for much longer if someone hadn’t discovered the child.

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