A young mother is accused of killing her 1-year-old daughter in the neighborhood of South Shore after returning upset by a night trying to prostitute herself, Cook County prosecutors said Wednesday.

Kahoy Garcia-Velazquez, 21, faces a first-degree murder charge on the death of 16-month-old Mila Anderson-Garcia at home in South Muskegon Avenue’s 7800 block, according to Cook County State Attorney’s office.

Garcia-Velazquez allegedly ran to the apartment of her mother on the morning of July 13 while holding Mila, screaming she would not wake up and breathe, prosecutors said.

Paramedics showed up and tried to resuscitate Mila, but were hampered because her jaw was stiff with rigor mortis, prosecutors said. Mila was taken and pronounced dead to the Comer Children’s Hospital.

An autopsy discovered that Mila died as a result of child abuse from various wounds, the Cook County medical examiner’s office said. The injuries included a lacerated liver, bruising and abdominal trauma, and bruising to the head and scalp, prosecutors said. Within a few hours of her death, the wounds occurred.

Mila also had abrasions on her face, body, and extremities, along with fractures to her forearms and bite marks on her buttocks, prosecutors said. Garcia-Velazquez told investigators that a little boy had made the bite mark and that the other injuries were from Mila falling off a bike, attorneys said. It was determined that these explanations were not medically feasible, prosecutors said.

Garcia-Velazquez left Mila with her boyfriend to try to meet a prostitution customer that night, prosecutors said.

She told researchers she had traveled the night to find pills and returned home about 6 a.m. The next day, the prosecutors said, and she was upset she did not earn money. Garcia-Velazquez went into Mila’s bedroom, closed the door behind her and cried, said the prosecutor.

The boyfriend left around 7 a.m. for work and saw that Mila seemed to be okay, said prosecutors. At 9:40 a.m., Garcia-Velazquez ran to her mother’s apartment with Mila to announce that her daughter was not breathing, prosecutors said.

Garcia-Velazquez was arrested at a funeral home on Monday morning, while her daughter’s services were arranged, said Wednesday Assistant Public Defender Steven Stach. The funeral is scheduled for Friday.

Judge Mary Marubio ordered García-Velazquez to be held without bail on Wednesday. She is scheduled to appear again in court on August 9th.

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