The mother of a Fort Bend County, Texas, football player is asking people to pray for her son who suffered a serious spinal injury during a game on Sept. 12.

A sophomore, 15-year-old Jordyn Hawkins, tackled a quarterback during a junior varsity game at Austin High School in Houston, two weeks ago and did not get up, his mother Deandrea Wade said.

“Just in the blink of an eye, literally, in front of my eyes, our lives have changed,” Wade said during an interview outside TIRR Memorial Hermann, a rehabilitation center in the Texas Medical Center.

Wade said her son has been paralyzed from his shoulders down but has some feeling in his arm and legs. He is currently getting medical help.

After spending a week in the Intensive Care Unit at Memorial Hermann, Hawkins was moved to TIRR, according to ABC13. He is now in the gym for rehabilitation every day. His mother said she is feeling positive.

“It’s difficult, but with my faith I believe that God is going to bring us through,” Wade said. “God has already given us so many victories. Everyday. We have a victory everyday, so that’s what I’m standing on. My belief in God.”

She added that her son has not let the incident get him down and still has his big smile and is “in good spirits.”

A video recorded from the hospital bed shows the athlete was seen lying with a neck brace.

“Hi everyone. I’m Jordyn. I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and support. Please continue to pray for my full recovery as I prepare to walk out of here,” he said.

The mother organized a prayer rally for Hawkins on Friday night from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. and encouraged friends, teammates, classmates, and even strangers to come out. They are expected to gather on the same field where Jordyn was injured—Austin High School at 3434 Pheasant Creek Drive in Sugar Land.

He is determined to walk again. His mother says Hawkins cannot do it alone.

“My biggest thing is for people to pray with us,” Wade said. “I believe God is going to provide everything we need, but we need prayers.”