The majority of Mexicans are against the Central American immigration that floods their country on their way to the United States, a new survey shows. 

A survey conducted by The Washington Post and the Mexican media Reforma found that 6 out of 10 Mexicans believe that immigrants are a burden to their country because they occupy the jobs and receive the benefits meant for Mexicans. 

The survey, conducted among 1,200 people, showed that 55% of those interviewed believe that illegal immigrants detained in Mexico on their way to the United States should be deported to their countries. 

These results differ greatly from the attitude Mexicans had toward immigration before the arrival of the numerous caravans that have crossed Mexico since last October. 

Currently, however, only 7% of Mexicans would offer residency to immigrants, 33% would allow them to stay temporarily while the United States decides whether or not to admit them, and 55% would immediately deport them to their countries of origin. 

The Post admits that “López Obrador [now] gets relatively high marks for his treatment of immigrants, with 44% saying he’s done a good job on the issue and 27% rating him negatively.”

The survey also showed a 37-point drop in the number of Mexicans who say migration helps their country and a 27-point increase in the number of Mexicans who say migration largely harms the nation compared to previous surveys.

A 2018 survey by the Pew Research Center found that 57 percent said immigrants primarily strengthen Mexico, while 37 percent said they weaken it, a dramatic 64-point change in just one year.

The survey results also show that, far from disapproving of the agreement reached by the government of Donald Trump and the Mexican executive to control illegal immigration, 51% of Mexican citizens support the use of the National Guard to combat illegal immigration. 

According to the Post poll, just under half of Mexicans have heard of the agreement reached with the United States in June, but among those who have done so, 59 percent support it.