At least 80 veterans have died as a result of the CCP Virus in an aged care facility in Massachusetts, in what has been called the deadliest known outbreak at a long-term care facility in the United States.

An additional 82 veterans and 81 employees have tested positive for the virus at Holyoke Soldiers’ Home, with more deaths expected as officials grapple with reasons why the virus has become so virulent there.

“It’s horrific,” said Edward Lapointe, whose father-in-law lives at the home and had a mild case of the virus. “These guys never had a chance.”

According to WCVB, the staff has told officials those in charge of running the facility did not have the necessary requirements in place for the pandemic and didn’t follow protocol.

Veterans dying

“What kind of a system is this? We’re talking about 21st century United States of America,” said Kwesi Ablordeppe, a longtime certified nurse aide at the soldiers’ home. “We’re talking about the veterans who put their lives on the line to save us, okay. And is that how we’re going to treat them?”

Ablordeppe was horrified at the conditions confronting him, “I work on the COVID floor,” he said. “And as soon as I walked into the unit, I broke down.”

A new fatality is reported almost daily, and already about one-third of the residents have died from the virus. When the flag is lowered in respect, it hits home to everyone.

Nurse Joan Miller who works at the home, said the conditions were impossible, staff were limited, and the virus spread rapidly, reported Fox News.

“Veterans were on top of each other. We didn’t know who was positive and who was negative and then they grouped people together and that really exacerbated it even more,” said Miller. “That’s when it really blew up.”

March 27 was a somber day, as many veterans died on that day. All residents, sick and healthy alike had been moved from the second floor north to the first floor, making conditions cramped, with nine residents even put into beds in the dining room. Donald Bushey, who had been moved for the second time, died on that day.

CCP Virus. (Pixabay)

“It breaks my heart. It just breaks my heart,” said his daughter, Colleen Croteau. “I just hope at this point, in the last hours of his life, he didn’t realize what was happening. Here is a man who has served in two wars, sacrificed years for his country, you know, took time away from his family, his wife, and to have his life end this way.”

There was no privacy, and the example was given by the staff of one veteran eating his lunch, while in the bed next to him another one was taking his final breath. “I couldn’t believe my eyes whereby we packed so many veterans, six in the room, and we put nine in the dining room,” Ablordeppe said.

Even attempting to wear protective equipment was met with hostility says Ablordeppe, “So I was like, ‘What is going on here?’” Ablordeppe said. “I’m trying to prevent diseases and I get reprimanded on this.”

The superintendent of the home is now on paid leave, and investigations are ongoing.

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