Voters in the Queens neighborhood of New York received mail ballots designated for military use even though they were never in the military, the New York Post reported.

The envelopes had a label printed on them that said, “Official Military Absentee Ballot,” and many of the neighbors who received them had no connection to the military, raising concerns about whether their votes would eventually be counted.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer of the Sunnyside district said, “I believe that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It appears that everyone has gotten this particular ballot.”

According to the Post’s report, the label in question is not important because the Board of Elections uses the same envelopes for both military and other voters living in the same district.

However, due to repeated reports of fraud around the country and New York’s failed mail primary elections, this fact casts more doubt of whether the mail voting system will finally work in the next presidential election.

More than 1,000 voters in Georgia voted twice, and four individuals in Texas were accused and arrested recently for forming an illegal scheme to collect votes.

Then there were the recent events in Luzerne, a Pennsylvania district, where the prosecutor reported that several military votes for Trump were “discarded,” according to Breitbart.

Beyond the Sunnyside district, people in the Richmond Hill, Forest Hills, and Astoria neighborhoods received the same military voting envelopes.

In a recent report by Project Veritas, James O’keefe revealed the involvement of Somali agents working for Ilhan Omar, the leftist Minnesota congresswoman and better known as a ‘squad’ member, in an illegal ballot harvesting scheme.

According to the Veritas report, these agents are dedicated to finding the voting envelopes of the elderly that do not usually go out to vote.

They fill them in with the votes of the candidate for whom they work.

Also, they bring Somalis from other places to vote in Minnesota.

Given the little or no control by election officials, voters from other districts vote in Minnesota for the Democrats.

The President used his Twitter account to ask the Minnesota Attorney General for action: