Rumors that a senior Chinese counterintelligence official escaped to the United States continue to generate buzz and high expectations, especially as sources say the defector reportedly brought evidence that the CCP Virus originated in a virology lab Wuhan and several other confidential Chinese matters.

On 4 June, RedState reporter Jennifer Van Laar was the first to report on a senior Chinese regime official who had been working with the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) for several months, revealing secrets about Chinese espionage operations and the Wuhan lab virus leak.

The media later revealed that the official’s name was Dong Jingwei and that he was the ‘chief spy hunter’ for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

According to reports, Jinwei is a deputy security minister of the Chinese regime who has served in the counterintelligence post since April 2018. If the reports coming out are true, he would be the highest-level defector in the Chinese regime’s history. 

RedState sources indicated that the Chinese official flew to the United States in mid-February, allegedly to visit his daughter at a university in California, but that as soon as he set foot on U.S. soil, he contacted DIA officials and told them of his plans to defect and the valuable information he had brought with him.

Since the senior Chinese official’s presence became known, details are emerging about what Dong Jinwei allegedly revealed about China’s overseas intelligence operations and many other matters that the CCP has been careful to keep secret. 

According to RedState’s sources, Dong provided the Defence Intelligence Agency with the following information:

  • – Early pathogenic studies of the CCP Virus.
  • – Projected spread and damage patterns of the CCP Virus in the U.S. and around the world.
  • – Financial records detailing which organizations and governments funded CCP Virus and other biological warfare research.
  • – Names of U.S. citizens providing information to China.
  • – Names of Chinese spies working in the U.S. or attending U..S universities.
  • – Financial records showing U.S. business people and public officials who have received money from the Chinese government.
  • – Details of meetings that U.S. government officials had (perhaps unknowingly) with Chinese spies.
  • – How the Chinese government gained access to a CIA communications system, resulting in the deaths of dozens of Chinese working with the CIA.

Other hot information he would have provided would be a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive, showing both information about his pornographic activities and the business dealings he and his father had with Chinese entities.

According to Van Laar’s sources, the Chinese defector also mentioned to DIA that at least a third of Chinese students attending U.S. universities are part of the “Thousand Talents Plan” and that many of the students are in the US under pseudonyms because they are the children of high-ranking military and CCP leaders.

It is also worth noting what Van Laar mentioned in her first RedState publication, about sources claiming that the DIA kept the defector within its Clandestine Services network, to prevent the CIA and State Department from accessing him, as she believes there are Chinese spies inside and also from several other Federal Agencies such as the FBI.

According to Life Site News, one sign that Dong’s defection is real is that his information has been deleted from the Ministry of Public Security’s website.

She also mentioned that as soon as the first RedState report came out, the South China Morning Post, the CCP’s propaganda outlet, published not only that Dong was still in China but that he had just given a talk on his special talent, “catching foreign spies.” But she pointed out that the article contained no details, neither a picture of the lecture nor a picture of the official.

In Van Laar’s latest report, she details how social media distorted the story she broke in order to minimise the damage to the Biden administration and the intelligence community.

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