The situation is not encouraging for many cities in the United States that are already going through months of violent protests, which began after George Floyd’s death in the city of Minneapolis; stores destroyed, buildings burned, higher rates of homicide and crime is up to 100% more than last year.

Let’s look at the numbers, some images, and a testimony. 


According to a report by the Daily Caller, residents in Minneapolis formed groups to patrol the streets due to increased crime and the absence of law enforcement. Notably, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to cut $10 million from the police department’s budget and suspend recruitment of new officers.

Over 100 businesses have been destroyed, buildings have been burned down throughout the city including the 3rd Precinct and also 15 people have been killed.

In July 2019 the city saw 29 shootings, the first half of July 2020 already registered 43 shootings.

New York 

The New York City Police Department reported that in the period between May 25 when the protests began and July 28 a total of 303 police vehicles have been damaged, of which 14 cruisers were completely burned, resulting in $1 million in damages. In the same period 300 police officers were injured in the line of duty.

Crime in the city is now 130% higher compared to last year.

A Twitter user who apparently participated in the vandalism in New York City posted some images that say it all.

An NYPD van got redecorated with some artwork earlier tonite during the #AllOutNY march.”


According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, in the period between June and July 2019 compared to 2020, shootings and homicides in the city increased by 265%.

Protesters destroyed the College Football Hall of Fame, vandalized CNN headquarters, and completely burned down the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks died after an altercation with police. 


Due to the creation of CHAZ (Capitoll Hill Autonomous Zone) crime in the city shot up 525%. As criminal activity such as drug use and violent crime, including rape, robbery, assault, and gang violence increased, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan encouraged the protesters, supported them, and let this continue for almost a month. 


Stacey Gibson, a business owner in downtown Portland, was interviewed Tuesday, July 28, on Fox News.

Gibson said she initially supported the protesters’ message but now she has changed her mind.

“It’s just people taking advantage of an opportunity. And it’s hurting a lot of people—I mean, not just the businesses but the residents and everybody that’s trying to be down here. I mean, it’s just destroyed Portland, in my opinion,” said Gibson who does not believe this violence is being caused by the Black Lives Matter movement.

She explained that businesses far from the downtown area are doing well with sales, recovering from losses caused by the pandemic.

She had to decide between leaving the business closed and not being able to continue paying her employees or opening. The business next door to her was completely destroyed and now that she has opened her store, she is crossing her fingers that nothing will happen to hers.

Gibson is upset about the lawlessness in the city, “It’s just not fair that people can break laws and not have any kind of consequence. I mean, that just needs to be resolved. It’s just not something that should be going on.”

All these cities have been run by the Democrats for decades. Ironically, these Democratic leaders with the help of the mainstream media are trying to downplay the severity of this violence, accusing President Trump of inciting the riots in order to win re-election. Nothing could be further from the truth.