Grandmother Patti Baumgartner of Montana always wanted to contribute to the community. So when people started complaining about not be able to walk or ride their bikes due to speeding cars, she knew she needed to take matters into her own hands.

With a white hairdryer in her hand, grandma Baumgartner sit in a chair near the roadway and pointed it to the cars on South Finely Point.

“We were talking about maybe something would slow the cars down. So, we decided to put me in a chair and I guess use the hairdryer as a speed thing.”

Baumgartner says she can’t tell if her white hairdryer caught any of the drivers’ attention, but it did catch trooper Noah Pesola’s eyes. 

After receiving the tweet from Baumgartner’s son, Tim, taking the picture of her, trooper Pesola liked it so much that he gave her a special title.

“It’s not an official or anything like that for the honorary trooper, which is kinda what I called it. I didn’t know what else to do for her when she’s doing something for the community and like she says she’s got grandkids in the area so she’s doing something for her grandkids’ benefit. The best thing I could think of was to give her a trooper hat and a badge to make her look a little more official.”

Baumgartner said she plans on using her hairdryer again—to bring awareness to speeding cars in the neighborhood.

“It was a great creative idea for the public to try and combat that a little bit without making people too upset,” said trooper Pesola.

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