A mother said two people came to her home, claimed to be Child Protective Services agents, and tried to take her 4-year-old son away from her.

“Said she was with CPS and that she was there about my son’s injuries and that they were to take him into protective custody,” Jessi McCombs told KIRO-TV.

McCombs said she was initially confused.

“I thought for sure she had the wrong house until she told me his name and birthday,” McCombs told the station.

McCombs told the station she asked the couple to provide proof of their association with CPS, which they refused to provide.

A representative for the Department of Children, Youth, and Families said that in cases where a child is to be removed from the home, CPS staff would be accompanied by law enforcement and carry agency identification.

“These people were potentially trying to just snatch my kid so I started panicking,” McCombs told the station. After she pretended to call 911, the couple left in a hurry.

The mother later made a report with Marysville Police, who say they are now investigating the incident.

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