For parents, finding a good babysitter is difficult. If you make wrong choice, it could be a big mistake. This mom’s story is heartbreaking. After letting her 6-month-old baby stay with the babysitter for couple of hours, she found giant blisters on her baby’s feet. 

The babysitter was a 36 year old woman named is Melda Ramos Mendoza. The baby’s mother was sure that Medoza could properly care for her child and that the baby would be safe. When she left home, things were fine.

At first, Melda decided to make some tortillas on the stove. She put them in the pan and started cooking. It wasn’t long before the baby began crying. As Melda continued to cook, the baby cried even more. Soon, she couldn’t take it anymore, she picked up the baby and put her feet in the burning hot pan.

When the mom got home, her baby was still crying. She looked at her baby’s feet and noticed they were covered in blisters.

When she asked Melda what had happened, she claimed that she didn’t know.

The baby’s mother did not believe it. She was sure it was a case of child abuse. She called 911. 

When the police and the ambulance arrived, the mother told the police what had happened.

The ambulance took the mother and the baby to the hospital. Doctors said that the baby was suffering from second-degree burns to her feet.

Police immediately went to arrest Melda. The Washington Post reports she was charged with child abuse, assault and reckless endangerment in connection with the baby’s injuries

Online court records did not list an attorney for Ramos-Mendoza. The incident was first reported by WRC-TV (NBC4).

The reporter who covered the story mentioned that police were looking for the parents of other children that were cared for by Melda to find out if there were any other abuse cases. We hope that no other children suffered.

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