A document reveals that Moderna, along with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), led by Dr. Fauci, agreed in Dec. 2019 to transfer coronavirus RNA vaccine applicants to the University of North Carolina, GREATGAMEINDIA reported.

Signatories to the document were Dr. Ralph Baric on Dec. 12, 2019, and Jacqueline Quay on Dec. 16, 2019, both for the University of North Carolina, Dr. Amy F. Petrik on Dec. 12, 2019, and Dr. Barney Graham for NIAID, and Sunny Himansu and Shaun Ryan, both on Dec. 17, 2019, for Moderna.

All signatures were made before there was any public knowledge of the coronavirus occurrence, as officially Dec. 31, 2019, was when World Health Organization (WHO) learned that there were suspected cases of unknown pneumonia in Wuhan, China, and they did not know the cause.

On Jan. 9, 2020, it was only that WHO released the information that China determined that the cause of this new pneumonia was a new coronavirus.

So before the existence of a new coronavirus was known, Moderna, in conjunction with NIAID, led by Dr. Fauci, transferred the coronavirus RNA vaccine technology to Dr. Baric.

Let’s break down those involved.

Moderna had the technology for a COVID-19 vaccine before the world knew of the existence of this new coronavirus.

Dr. Fauci is accused of funding the Wuhan lab in gain-of-function research, which is where the new coronavirus likely came from and at the same time participating in this deal. Fauci must have already known about the existence of this new virus. 

And finally, we have Dr. Baric, who conducted gain-of-function research in his lab at the University of North Carolina and collaborated with Chinese researcher Shi Zhengli in conducting these same experiments in the Wuhan lab. Both received funding from Fauci.

Moreover, as early as 2018, Baric seemed to know that there would be the next pandemic. At a symposium with the name “Imagining the next flu pandemic, and preventing it!” held at a University of North Carolina Education Center, the epidemiologist, in a controversial presentation, talked about how “Pandemics are times of opportunity” for people to make political, financial and personal gains.

Dr. Baric was to sign a letter sent by Dr. Peter Daszak to the scientific journal The Lancet, to pressure the scientific community to rule out that the new coronavirus originated in a laboratory. He did not sign the letter at Daszak’s request. It might bring attention to the fact that he was also researching gain-of-function and that the letter might lose validity due to a conflict of interest, Trending Politics reported.

It should be noted that four close associates of Baric did sign the letter.

This new document fuels the theory that the virus left the Wuhan laboratory long before the CCP made official the existence of the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

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