A missing Michigan teen was found Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 6, with a 40-year-old man she apparently met online.

Fifteen-year-old Gracie Hewartson, of Wayland, was found in Warwick, Rhode Island, according to Allegan County Sheriff’s Office. She is said to be in good health.

Her parents, Darrin and Micki Hewartson, said that they first thought Gracie had run away to be with a friend. But, after talking to her best friends, they worried she may have disappeared meeting an older man she had been chatting with on social media.

“We started to get more information that she was talking to a guy, an older gentleman online, and then that’s when we found out what was really going on.”

Gracie was last seen around 3:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 2, when she walked out of the house after passing her father in the family living room.

The Hewartsons believe that the older man picked her up right in front of their home on the night of her disappearance.