On Tuesday, the Biden administration opened its largest border detention center for migrant children to journalists for the first time. 

The tour of the Donna shelter in Texas revealed how overpopulated the facility is. Sen. Ted Cruz and 18 other Republicans visited there on March 28 and gave a damming assessment. 

At present, it is hosting up to 1400% of its initially designed capacity of 250 individuals.

The figure for unaccompanied minors makes up to 3,400 in a total of 4,100 children in custody. Since all the dormitories are packed, the youngest minors are crammed into a large playpen and sleep on floor matting. 

More than 200,000 of the illegal child migrants in custody have now exceeded the 72-hour legal cap on how long a child should be kept by CBP, with at least 39 of them spending no less than two weeks in an overcrowded tent.

The jam-packed area evidently could be the perfect environment for transmitting diseases as well. 

While the CCP-Virus demands at least a one-meter distance between each person to hinder its spread, the Donna facility’s conditions are the total opposite. The deadly disease has been reported to infect 1 out of 7 minors detained there, as revealed by Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents. 

Another medical threat of concern at the Donna center is lice, notorious for being highly contagious, especially among children. The disease is known to spread quickly in group settings, and a significant number of minors are currently infected. 

The Associated Press has shared photos of children being treated for lice, said Business Insider. While they captioned the images that this was one of the health procedures minors must go through before entering the center, The US Sun said officials still admitted the possibility of a lice outbreak inside the facility. 

Watch CBS News’ footage of the center:



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