Minnesota Supreme Court will let a popular vote decide the police department’s fate on Sept. 16.

Voters will choose whether to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a new Department of Public Safety.

A proposal, known as Yes 4 Minneapolis, was introduced as a tribute to George Floyd who died in police custody back in May 2020.

The Minnesotan’s death sparked international protests against alleged police brutality, racism, and social injustice.

It also renewed calls for a so called Defund The Police movement, which the Democrat-controlled city council championed. The movement aims to abolish the police department, head of police, and city’s mandatory minimum number of law enforcement officers, according to Fox 9.

“That will replace what we currently know as the Minneapolis Police Department,” Yes 4 Minneapolis communications director JaNae’ Bates said according to the National Public Radio. “[It] will be a fully holistic department that includes police officers, as well as licensed professionals and experts in order to ensure that folks stay safe.”

Hennepin County District Judge Jamie Anderson previously rejected the idea because it is “unreasonable and misleading.” However, the latest Supreme Court ruling effectively reverses Anderson’s block.

The North Star State recently recorded its 69th homicide so far in 2021. Minneapolis averaged about 45 murders each year over the past decade, according to Fox 9.

“The level of gunfire, the number of shots at each scene, whether it is ‘automatic’ or just multiple people shooting … that is on the increase and that is concerning,” Minneapolis Police spokesman Garrett Parten said according to the broadcaster.

The court ruling was announced one day before early voting began for municipal elections.

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