Minneapolis reversed a plan to divest from the police force. After the Minneapolis City Council approved in December a cut of more than $8 million, giving in to left-wing demands, crime in the streets skyrocketed and neighbors demanded more police presence. As a result, the City Council approved $6.4 million in additional funds.

As reported by Fox News, the police department said it has only 638 officers available to work, approximately 200 fewer than it had a year ago. An unprecedented number of officers resigned or went on extended medical leave after Floyd’s death and the riots that followed.

With the new funding received, the Police Department plans to phase in new officers, and by the end of the year estimates to increase the number to nearly 700.

Minneapolis Police Department reported that it is updating the department’s recruit application system for both volunteers and new hires, seeking to streamline the system.

Deputy Police Chief Amelia Huffman said they hope the change “will help us feel really confident that we’re recruiting the kind of candidates we want from the beginning.”

The approval of the extra funding, came just two months after the Minneapolis City Council in December approved a nearly $8 million cut in funds to the city’s police department. The cut was made in response to the demands of a violent far-left minority led by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and antifa.

The funds would have been reallocated to community services, as demanded by the violent leftists that took to the streets since the death of George Floyd in 2020.

The decision did not take long to arouse controversy, considering that the city is going through historic rates of violence, homicide, robbery, and public safety. The number of shootings recorded in the city doubled during 2020 those recorded during 2019.

The defunding claims were supported by major media outlets and Democratic lawmakers such as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), whose congressional district includes Minneapolis. 

Minneapolis Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey had initially come out against police defunding, but eventually bowed to pressure.

The facts show that there were 30 more homicides during 2020 in Minneapolis over 2019, according to police department data. Violent assaults in the city were up 18% and overall aggravated crimes were up 20%. Despite these hard numbers, Democrats kneeling in front of leftist claims they found it “expedient” to cut the budget. 

Predictably, crime and homicide rates, already worrying in December, continued to rise and further disinvestment was unsustainable. Evidently the crime problem is more complex and far from being solved by police disinvestment as protesters and leftist politicians claim.