While affectionate scenes between mother and child are widely shared on the Internet, you rarely encounter these moments between father and child, particularly between father and son.

However, a father’s salute to his son recently spread online has melted the hearts of millions of people with over 7.3 million views.

In a viral Ticktock video, Michael Fisher, a Marine Master Sergeant, expressed his absolute pride in the man standing before him, saying: “I’ve watched you grow and mature and become the man that you are today.”

Fisher, standing a foot away from the soldier opposite in a blue military uniform, choked up and continued: 

“You have always been respectful by saying, ‘Yes, sir, no sir; yes ma’am, no ma’am.’ A salute is a sign of respect. It is a privilege to render you your first salute,” reported Spotlightstories

Fisher saluted his son on April 3, 2021. (Fox35 Orlando/Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

Finally, the ritual ends with a salute. Fisher raised his right hand high, greeted the young man, expressing his heartfelt emotion: “It’s even a greater honor to say congratulations, sir, for your commission.”

Fisher’s son, the soldier, standing opposite, listened intently to his father’s words before solemnly saluting back.

With Fisher’s muffled voice, the young man’s speechless emotion, it’s not hard to see that both father and son’s eyes are brimming with tears of happiness.

By receiving over 1.6 million hearts and 7.3 million views, the video’s meaningful message has proven to be highly shareable. Viewers even requested Part 2 of this Video.

In part 2, viewers will witness the father and son’s handshakes and the tight hugs, especially Fisher’s sharings on how great his pride & sacrifice for his son are. 

Many viewers gave the pair encouraging comments:

James, a military veteran, said: “One of the highest honors that a father could ever bestow on his son.” He added: “I’m former Army, but I completely understand this father’s pride. What a lucky father! Congratulations sir.”

Milton shared: “Understand that the father is not only saluting his son. He is saluting a commissioned officer. So much pride he can’t contain it. A beautiful moment.”

The video of father and son truly touched millions of hearts. Such a meaningful video reminds viewers to treasure spiritual values: sacred family affection, particularly a father’s love and sacrifice for his child.

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