There is the comparison between border protection and military presence in Washington.


In the wake of the Capitol riots in early January, an estimated 25,000 troops landed on Washington, bringing more armed military forces to lock down the Capitol than remain in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. As of this month, 6,000 troops remain an occupying power, with fencing across the Capitol still in place on the orders of Democratic politicians hellbent on manipulating the start of the new year’s political violence.

Meanwhile, during the summer Black Lives Matter protests, no such security measures were given to the business owners down the street whose establishments were regularly blown up in the name of social justice.

Democrats and their media allies either supported, downplayed, or dismissed the frequent incidents of widespread political violence that gripped the nation’s cities during last year. Then they capitalized on the January riot that threatened Congress, which was widely criticized by Republicans and conservatives alike. Some are also denying there was any brutality during the monthslong surge of violent left-wing terrorism that terrorized cities.

The scale of the barricade erected around the Capitol to protect politicians is undoubtedly underestimated by most Americans. The video below will give you some context:

Democrats display no signs of relinquishing their responsibility to the thousands of guardsmen who protect the Capitol.

A wave of violence was expected to erupt in state capitals across the country in the days leading up to President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Then, this week, a second “insurgency” attack was planned against the Capitol—neither happened.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said at a press conference on Wednesday, March 3, that the House will consider permanent security measures for the Capitol next week.

Pelosi told reporters, “We have to make sure we’re safe enough to do our job but not impeding.”

Jamaal Bowman, a freshman Democratic congressman from New York, shared the House speaker’s sentiments.

On MSNBC, Bowman said, “We must do whatever we can to defend ourselves.”

Even in the wake of two false intelligence bulletins creating hysteria of renewed attacks on the Capitol since early January, the business owners on Pennsylvania Avenue would have appreciated a fraction of the concern that lawmakers have shown.

The people’s seat of government will remain in lockdown as long as Pelosi controls the Capitol, leveraging the crisis at the complex from an alleged mob of Trump supporters.