U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, denounced the abuses of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against 12 citizens of Hong Kong whom they imprisoned for defending the freedom they were stripped of last year. 

Pompeo described the CCP’s denial of basic guarantees to a person who is investigated and detained for an alleged crime, in one of his Dec. 31 tweets.

“The Hong Kong 12 had no bail, no choice of lawyer, no access to family,” Pompeo wrote. 

He continued, “This is a stark preview of the future of justice in a Hong Kong stripped of its protections under an authoritarian ‘One Country, One System’ framework.” 

The 12 people tried to escape from Hong Kong to Taiwan, fleeing the CCP that betrayed the international treaty by which it obliged itself to respect the rights of self-government obtained by citizens as a British ex-colony in 1997.

They were tried behind closed doors and without any guarantee of self-defense, in a courtroom in Shenzhen, with sentences of up to three years. 

The CCP imposed Hong Kong’s security law in July, to prohibit any anti-government movement in the territory, and to try anyone in the world if they feel violated its law.

Pompeo referred to the CCP’s inability to lead, “A regime that prevents its own people from leaving cannot claim greatness or world leadership,” he said, according to the Jan. 1 Washington Examiner. 

He added, “It is simply a fragile dictatorship that fears its own people.

The analysis by a member of Hong Kong’s Democratic Council, Samuel Chu, based in Washington, of the future of another 10,000 Hong Kongers for peaceful protest is bleak.

As the judiciary system in Hong Kong becomes more and more corrupted and pressured by the CCP to deliver political decisions, today’s verdict and sentencing foretell what is to come for all Hong Kongers.

“Hong Kong was a prosperous territory until the Chinese Communist Party and its local lackeys destroyed its rule of law and eviscerated the freedoms of the Hong Kong people,” Pompeo said on the same occasion.

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