Former Vice President Mike Pence launched a fundraising campaign as if preparing for his presidential campaign, even though he did not receive a single vote in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) poll. 

Pence is hoping to raise about $18 million to build the infrastructure needed to make him a candidate for the White House through the group Advancing American Freedom (AAF), according to Axios, Sept. 14. 

The Indiana Republican’s chances are uncertain, based on the assumption that former President Donald Trump’s popularity has grown since he left office; a benchmark remains the CPAC poll from three months ago. 

The results showed Trump as the favorite with 70% of the vote, followed by Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with 21%.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo obtained 1%, as did Republicans Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R), among others. 

As for the aspirations attributed to DeSantis, he shot them down by calling them “nonsense,” while it seems that he will try to continue leading the state of Florida, according to Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Maddows.

“DeSantis has made it very, very clear that he is running for reelection as governor of Florida. He does not shy away from being very bold in terms of the initiatives that he is putting forth. His reelect[ion campaign] for governor is a platform to show the policies, boldness, and–quite frankly–courage,” Maddows stated. 

Trump is left as the absolute leader of the Republican party. His leadership is expected to be reflected next year by winning an absolute majority of his supporters in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, now held by Democrats. 

However, the strength and unity of the Republican party, enhanced by the mistakes made by the Biden administration in the few months it has been in charge of the country, would be contradicted by the opposition.

The opposition would be: “anticipating the DOJ, MSM and intelligence apparatus destroying President Donald Trump in the next 24 months to prevent his reemergence,” considers The Last Refuge. 

It adds, “Haley, Pence, Noem, Scott and Cotton are the establishment favorites. Texas Senator’ Lyin’ Ted Cruz remains seemingly useful as the guy to split the field.”

In this context, netizens made their positions known regarding Pence’s possible presidential nomination, and most are not favorable.   

“I would never ever vote for or support Mike pence. I don’t give a [expletive who he runs against. I voted for Trump twice, but I ain’t voting pence,” tweeted Twitter user @selearie.

Pence would also not count on the vote of netizen @MoosePatriot1, as he puts it in one of his tweets. 

“I am not voting for Mike PenceRevés de la mano con el dedo medio extendido.  I would vote for Donald Trump and I would vote for Mike Pompeo and Ron DeSantis, Only these three I would vote for, all the others are part of the establishment and I don’t care for the establishment politician.”

There is no shortage of those who recall Pence’s performance, who refused to endorse a review of the 2020 election results. 

“That’s a joke, after his abandonment of President Trump after the Steal, he’s a persona non grata. FUN to see him try to run against President Trump!!!!!” commented @wendyedelson.

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