Businessman Mike Lindell, a supporter of former President Donald Trump, sued Dominion Voting Systems, the company in charge of counting votes for the 2020 presidential election, for more than $2 billion in Minnesota’s federal court.

Lindell is charging Dominion with 19 cyberattacks on the night of Nov. 3, in which 555,864 votes were misallocated to then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden, which enabled him to win the presidency. 

Political strategist and former head of the White House, Steve Bannon, interviewed Lindell about the lawsuit against Dominion. The Dominion company has links to Smartmatic an international company, linked in turn to the controversial billionaire George Soros, financier of leftist movements in many countries. 

“Mike Lindell Announces New Lawsuit Against Dominion And Smartmatic That Will Air Evidence of Fraud! The entire segment is worth watching, Mike’s optimism is reassuring, that Justice will be served!” wrote netizen @thorsome2, who attached part of the interview video. 

“It is the greatest crime committed against our country and against humanity,” Lindell claims, referring to electoral irregularities, and says he has hired experts in cyber-attacks involving the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attacking the democratic integrity of the United States. 

According to his claims, agents of the CCP perpetrated thousands of cyber-attacks on the electoral process. Still, Lindell revalidated 20 of them several times, and these are the ones he presents as evidence in his legal case. 

The vote count deviations occurred in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as he states in the following video. 

With his characteristic optimism, Lindell mentions a “9 to 0” outcome, alluding that when the Supreme Court justices are faced with his lawsuit they will overwhelmingly and unanimously approve his claims. 

On the other hand, he believes that because of Dominion’s public threats against him and his company, My Pillow, he may increase the money awards even more. 

Dominion has used intimidation against hundreds of people who intervened in defense of their electoral rights, suing them, which is a strategy to evade their possible crimes in the 2020 electoral process, in the opinion of CD Media’s staff.  

“Dominion, Smartmatic, and others are desperate to cover up gross security flaws in their electronic voting systems—and information showing cyber attacks and hacking in the November 2020 election,” CD Media wrote on June 3. 

Lindell is a supporter of former President Donald Trump and has issued strong statements against the presidential election results, which he believes were rigged.

He also maintains that the fraud perpetrators will soon go to jail and assures that Donald Trump will return to the White House in August of this year.

These prognoses gain strength as other irregularities of significant dimensions with high impact on the country’s fortune are unveiled, mainly due to the more than 30,000 emails revealing the controversial handling of the CCP Virus pandemic.

This function was largely managed by the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Unfortunately, he appears to be involved in shady dealings with the Virology Laboratory in Wuhan, China, where the CCP Virus, which has caused so many deaths and damage in the world, seems to have escaped.

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