MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, on Tuesday, Feb. 16, challenged Dominion Voting Systems to sue him over allegations that Dominion was involved in a plot to steal the 2020 presidential election away from former President Trump.

In a cease and desist letter sent to Lindell in December, Dominion demanded that Lindell retract his claims that the company’s software stole “millions of votes from” Trump and inaccurately counted votes in the key battleground states of Georgia and Arizona. Lindell refused to honor the letter and asked the company to “please sue me.”

This month, Lindell released a two-hour documentary titled “Absolute Proof,” pushing further his allegations about Dominion and the 2020 election results. YouTube and Vimeo removed the video from their platforms due to policy violations. Lindell’s account and that of his company MyPillow were also suspended on Twitter. 

According to The Daily Beast, the lead attorney representing Dominion, Tom Clare, said he will file the suit “imminently” after Lindell “doubled down and tripled down” on the claims and “made himself a higher public profile with his documentary.”

Lindell responded to the threat by once again saying that he would welcome the lawsuit, reasoning that a court case would make it easier for him to “get to the evidence, and to show the people in the public record the evidence we have about these machines.”

“That would so make my day because then they would have to go into discovery, and that would make my job a lot easier,” Lindell told The Daily Beast on Tuesday. “I will not stop until every single person on the planet knows, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, what these machines did to us.”

“These machines need to be removed, and [these people] brought to justice for what they did to our country in these attacks,” he continued. “If they sue me, I would be so happy.”

Lindell told the paper that he would release yet another video of “hardcore evidence” that proves his allegations “today or tomorrow morning.”

“It’s hundred-percent evidence; no experts interviewed whatsoever. Just the hardcore evidence,” he said. “We just want to get it out there and show why we need to get rid of these machines for any future elections in the United States and the world. Both for Dominion and Smartmatic, I don’t pick on just one of them.”

Lindell, a staunch supporter of Trump, was not the only person to receive legal threats from Dominion Voting Systems. Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, who filed lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results on behalf of the former president, also face the threat of litigation.

Dominion is suing Powell for her lawsuits alleging its voting machines fraudulently flipped votes to then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Last week, Wood said on Telegram that he would be joining Powell’s legal team, saying, “Sidney and I will not be intimidated.”

“Get ready to rumble, Dominion,” Wood wrote on Telegram. “You made a mistake suing Sidney. You are going to pay a heavy price.”

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