On April 19, ”Frank”—the social media site which supports free speech as laid out in the U.S. Constitution, is ready to be launched, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said this week. He is one among many whose Twitter was banned due to posting many statements supporting former President Donald Trump.

”We’re going to be attacked, but I have my own servers and everything,” he said. “We’re not going to be worried about Amazon taking it down, or YouTube, or Google, or Apple.” Lindell said in a video message that he had taken action to ensure the platform is most secure.

In a video posted this week to Frank’s static webpage, which first went live in late March, Lindell said he had worked on the site for four years, and it would be a “kind of like a YouTube-Twitter combination.”

While the platform respects free speech—curse words, pornography, and death threats will not be permitted, according to Lindell.
Considering the above reminder, now you are free to sign up for Frank’s VIP access.

The fact that the site will be hacked is inevitable, so millions of dollars had been invested in its security in the previous four weeks, informed Lindell.

He said that since “Frank” is hosted on Lindell’s own servers, it would not be subject to filtering or removal at the whims of large tech giants like Amazon and Google. “Frank” will be able to avoid the fate of Parler. This social-media platform was taken down by its former web host Amazon Web Services, and shunned by other tech companies such as Apple and Google after Trump supporters used it to call for more violence during the January Capitol riots due to its lax stance on content moderation.

”…you’ve never seen anything like it,” Lindell said of his new project. “You’re going to have your own like YouTube channel, only that’s your Twitter handle.” Users would be able to “post videos, livestream television, distribute news and information, and find community and fellowship with like-minded Americans,” a previous description of the site said.

The site is “reverse-engineered,” which is one twist the site will have: When people sign up, they’ll automatically follow every influencer. They’ll have the option to stop following influencers whose posts they don’t want to see anymore, Lindell told “The Eric Metaxas Radio Show” in March.
To put it another way, when influencers join, “they will now have a platform where all the people down here follow them instantly.” “They don’t have to earn their followers,” he added.

In a new video, Lindell said: “You’re not going to have to worry about what you’re saying.” He did, however, indicate that certain content on the platform will be moderated. “You don’t get to use the four swear words: the c-word, the n-word, the f-word, or God’s name in vain,” he said. “Free speech is not pornography; free speech isn’t ‘I’m gonna kill you.” He informed that details of this would be available in the site’s mission statement when it goes live.

Initially, there are no plans to benefit from Frank. According to Lindell, ads may be added to the website in the future to finance it further.
“I put in all my money. I’m not out to make money. Right now, I’m out to get the word out for free speech. I want people to go out there, all these influencers, and talk about” election fraud claims, Lindell said.
Frank’s tagline is “the voice of free speech,” and Lindell has previously stated that he plans to use the platform to share evidence of his voter-fraud theory.

According to Lindell, estimates show that Frank would attract tens of millions of users in the first week of operation. One of his recent documentaries was viewed by 150 million people around the world.

The site is set to launch more widely at 9 a.m. on Monday next week for a two-day “Frankathon,” during which Lindell’ll broadcast live on the site, he informed.
To get access earlier to the platform on Thursday this week, visitors to ”Frank” can submit their cellphone number into a box on the site to obtain a text code for early VIP access to sign up at midnight on Thursday.

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